Hi there!

Yes, I do always wonder, question & seek possibilities to choose & create greater in life.
For that, I acknowledge two hardwares ( Brain & Body) and two softwares (Mind & Being) gifted to me as a human being. These super-gifts allows me to receive/gift energetic & pragmatic contributions from/to the Earth, entities, business, teachers, parents, family, friends & communities. This ongoing creative and generative play keeps my Conscious Choices & Creations going on & on…

Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing ~ Gary Douglas

I would like to invite you to explore, sharpen, nurture and create with these super-gifts so that we be energetically and pragmatically present with everything in life.


Explore Energies, Uniqueness, Gifts & Capacities with/of your “Brain/Body & Mind/Being”

and include them all to create greater life for you, everybody around you and for the planet.

Random facts about me –

  1. I love chopping onions. 
  2. Certificate, diploma and degree junkie? Yes, that’s me! 
  3. I have a super-sweet son who loves UFC and is a Metallica freak. 
  4. I love learning new things. 
  5. I’m a dreamer and I have a dream.
  6. I finished my mountaineering course with a twisted ankle.
  7. Saree is my favourite attire.
  8. Getting stuck in Masai Mara taught me how to SOS!
  9. I’m a gadget-lover, not a freak.
  10. My husband is a Banker.
  11. I am number-blind.
  12. 3 years in National Institute of Information and Technology made me tech-nerdy.
  13. I love my ordered gypsy living.
  14. My skilled hands were once good at Crochet, Knitting, cross-stitch, and Oil-painting.
  15. Cambridge CELTA & British Council humanised my skill-set as a facilitator.
  16. I have poorly developed taste buds.
  17. Cockroach poison is something I will not drink again. It wasn’t good and I almost died! I was 3.
  18. I have been doing ‘Energy-work’ for the last 20 years.
  19. Volunteering and teaching in ‘Teach-India’ and ‘Access Micro-scholarship program’ gifted me llife-enriching experiences.
  20. Yoga is my go-to exercise.
    21. My nerdish brain loves to feed on empowering content of Access Consciousness®.